Date : Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 January 2018
Location : Farm Chokchai 3. Thanarat road 12 Km.  Nakorn Rachasima Thailand
Start - Finish : Farm Chokchai 3. - Farm Chokchai 3.
GPS Cootdinate : 14°34’08.95″ N 101°24’09.11″ E
Event Type : Road Race Bike
Participants : 2,200 Participants
Event Fee : 1,000 THB 




Farm Chokchai Outdoor Sports and Chokchai International Company Limited would like to cordially invite cyclist and athletes  to join the  Farm Chokchai Tour de Farm 6 event under the theme “Transform Your Fear to Focus” on January 21, 2018 at Farm Chokchai Farm 3 in Nakorn Ratchasima’s Pak Chong district.
Since the beginning, the “Tour de Farm” bicycle race has received overwhelming interest from many cyclists. This year, the race will be held in two categories: The “Going Greener” (Road Race 63 km), The “Fearless Gentlemen” (Road Race 113 km) Limit to 2,200 riders.
The purpose of this race is to help raise awareness about sports and eco-tourism opportunities in Pak Chong and make the area a destination of choice for recreation and adventure lovers. 100,000 Baht will also be donated to the “Foundation for Khao Yai National Park Protection”.
Enjoy the celebration party with exhibition on Tour de Farm 1 to 6 as well as food stalls music beverages from Thai Bev companies Betago and Chokchai Steakburger.

Activities from local Pracharat projects such as herbal compress and Thai massage, organic fruit and vegetables and herbal drinks. 


The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race
The ‘Going Greener’ 63 Km race


The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km. race
- Men age group 18-29
- Men age group 30-39
- Men age group 40-49
- Men age group 50-59
- Men age group 60+
- Ladies open

The ‘Going Greener’ 67 Km race
- Men open & Ladies open



Farm Chokchai Tour de Farm 6  is open to all cyclists (aged 18 or older in the day of the event) from any country.
Participants who are less than 18 at the time of the event must provide a signed consent to participate from their parents or legal guardians.
Each participant must recognize that the race requires a minimum level of training and that he/she must be medically fit to participate. By accepting terms conditions, each participant takes the full and complete responsibility in the case of an accident that could occur during the race.
Each participant also takes responsibility for the risks linked to such an event, including but not limited to, accidents with other participants, bad weather, and road traffic conditions.


See race rules and regulations HERE
Please read carefully.


To participate in the event, you will need to have a road-racing bicycle and a hard shell helmet. (Mountain bikes and recreational bike are also accepted for the 63 Km race). You must wear your helmet for the whole duration of the race and never take it off whilst riding regardless of weather conditions.
The following equipment is forbidden:
  • Triathlete’s handlebars and any other handlebar extension systems.
  • For The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race, only road bicycles are allow. Bike wheels smaller than 26″ is not allow for joining 113 Km race.
  • Bottles / cans made of non-deformable and breakable materials (glass, aluminum).
  • Recumbent bikes, monocycles, tandems.


Throughout the the event, the participants must respect the environment and the natural areas visited. Littering any type of wastes is strictly forbidden on the race course or the participant will be disqualified. Random checks will be made on the race course. Any rider caught throwing any waste on the race course will not be ranked. However, they will be allowed to finish the race. He/she will be excluded from the overall class ranking and won’t be considered a finisher. There is a zero tolerance littering.


Each participant must sign the race waiver at the registration and bib race pack collection point. If the participant sends someone to pick the race pack collection for them, he/she needs to sign the race waiver for you.


By participating in the event, each entrant hereby allows the organization (or subsequent organizers) to use, reproduce their names, image, voice of the race.


Recommended Accommodations  

1.  Klongsai Resort (Discount  20%) 
42/1 Moo 5 Thanarat Rd., Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 09 8104 5488, 044-300-625-7
Email :
Website :
2. Thongsomboon-Club (Discount 10-20%) 
119 Moo 10 Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 09 3326 6685, 044-312-316
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Website :
3. Apple camp (Discount 20%​ ) 
188 Moo 17 Thanarat Rd., Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 09 4562 4519, 044-297-389
Email :
Website :
4. Grandsiri resort khaoyai​ (Discount 500 THB/Room​ ) 
777 Moo 7 Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 06 3749 6868
Email :
Website : -
5. Konthong Resort Pakchong​ (4-5 Persons /house : 1,500 Baht) No Breakfast, Park Bike in the house)
33 Mittraphap Road Pakchong, Nakornratchasima
Tel : 08 1660 8624
Email : -
Website : facebook ก้อนทอง รีสอร์ท ปากช่อง
6. Baan Khao Yai Condo​ (1800 Baht per room, normally 2500 Baht for 4 persons.​)
Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 08 6495 4469
Email :
Website : -
7. Phuchomchan Khaoyai  (Double room Hotel & villa Regular 3000 Save 40% to 1800 THB Family Room 4 Beds Regular 5000 Save 40% to 3000 Baht​)
Nong Nam Daeng, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Tel : 08 9664 9166, 09 0008 37089
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Website :
8. View@khaoyai   (500 Baht/Person + Breakfast​)
99/1 Moo 15 Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 08 4336 9559, 08 6021 8100
Email : -
Website : -
9. Sir James Resort   (Check Out 3.00 pm.  + Breakfast)
195 Moo 3 Tumbol Mittraphab, Muaklek District, Saraburi, Thailand 18180
Tel : 036-343-200
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Website :
10. The Jungle House, Khaoyai กม.19.5 (Discount 15%​)
215 Moo 5 Moosi, Pakchong, Nakornratchasima 30130
Tel : 08 9845 4215, 0 4429 7307
Email :
Website :
11. ฺBanruenthaiResort (Discount 30%​)
135 Moo.8 Banlankhao km.10 Muaklek District, Saraburi, Thailand 18180
Tel : 09 2590 3738, 08 1759 6239
Email :
Website :
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More Informations


Email :
Facebook  :
Telephone : 0 2532 2846-8 ext: 1680, 1681
Mobile  : 09 2639 9322




Course map and elevation 

  •  The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race


  • The ‘Going Greener’ 63 Km race 


Water Station

1. Water service


The route will not be closed to vehicles but it will be secured and the riders will benefit from a right of way during the timed sections of the race. Several hundred officials will be present on the side of the road to ensure each rider’s safety. The race management cars and motorbikes specialized in cycling races will surround the participants.
Each rider must wear his or her bib number on the back of the jersey and on the front of the handlebar at all times. They must not be modified, defaced, cut or reduced in size. Penalties shall apply.
The race will start by a secured convoy of all the participants (rolling start), at a regulated speed, until the real start (when timing starts). Each rider will have to scrupulously respect the instructions given by the race management team.
Private team service cars are not allow on course.


The medical team of the event will be made up of doctors, nurses, emergency workers, and ambulances in sufficient numbers. For medical reasons, a participant can be temporarily or permanently withdrawn from the race. 


Withdrawal during the race: if any participant is unable to complete the race for any reason, the participant can use the sweep wagon to get to the finish area.
In that case the participant will be disqualified will and not be ranked in the race.
If the participant decides to withdraw from the race at any time, it is the responsibility of the athlete to notify race officials at the DNF tent near the finish line.
Registration of one person cannot, under any circumstances, be transferred to another person without written confirmation from the organization.


The timekeeping of the event will be carried out by an electronic timing system. All the participants will receive a sticker that includes a sensor for timekeeping. This sticker, which must be attached at the top of the helmet , so the time of each cyclist can be recorded at various points of the race.


  • 6 hours (01:45 pm.) for The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race
  • 4 hours (11:55 am.) for The ‘Going Greener’ 63 Km race



January 20, 2018

10:00 am – 08:00 pm. : Race pack collection.

All participants must bring their helmet with you to pick up your race pack and follow the instruction for the correct placing of the RFID timing sticker onto the helmet.

To avoid long waiting queue, please follow our crew instruction while registering.

January 21, 2018

07:00 am – 07:15 am : Opening ceremony.
07:20 am : The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race start.
07:50 am : The ‘Going Greener’ 63 Km race  start.
08:00 am – 11:30 am : Expo activities and live races report.
11:30 am onwards : Awards ceremony and lunch.
01:00 pm – 02:00 pm : Celebration and party.


Register an athlete receives Race Pack

Athletes can register to receive Race Pack at the designated time at Farm Chokchai by using the following important documents
  • Confirmed email that paid for register
  • ID card or passport of an applicant
  • Receiving instead of others must bring a copy of ID card or an applicant's passport

Release a rider

Release as Gun Start.

Rankings will be based on real time, the time between your start (start Gun  start 7:20 for 113km and 7:50 for 63km) and your arrival of the timed section, outside of the possible liaison courses (neutralized). The time taken into account will be the one given precisely by a sticker at the crossing of the finish line.

There is no Prize Money.
Souvenir buckle for those who finish the race before cut-off time.
Award for first 3 winners in each category of The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race.

Farm Chokchai Tour de Farm “Transform Your Fear To Focus” concept is to battle against yourself. No matter which categories or which distances you are participating in, it’s your quest to strive for your personal best. Therefore every single cyclist will be recognize with the same respect in all our events.

Trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category of The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race.


Fearless Gentlemen Award


Marshal Awards


  • 1,000 Thai baht per rider for The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race.
  • 1,000 Thai baht per rider for The ‘Going Greener’ 67 Km race.

100,000 baht will be donated to Foundation for Khao Yai National Park Protection.


The Entry Fee includes following benefits for all riders taking part:

  • Tour de Farm 6 souvenir sport T-Shirt Awards Ceremony.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch at the finish line, by Chokchai Steakburger.
  • Souvenir buckle for those who finish the race before cut-off time.
  • Award for first 3 winners in each category of The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km race.
  • Marshals along the route.
  • Motorcycle escorts for the peloton.
  • A professional medical team present at all times, during the race and at the finish.
  • Vendors of spare parts at the venue.
  • A RFID timing system.
  • Race numbers.
  • Water and electrolyte at aid station & at finish line.
  • A safety and race briefing on race morning.
  • Professional photographers.
  • Party afterward.


The ‘Fearless Gentlemen’ 113 Km. race
- Men age group 18-29
- Men age group 30-39
- Men age group 40-49
- Men age group 50-59
- Men age group 60+
- Ladies open

The ‘Going Greener’ 67 Km race
- Men open & Ladies open


1. The registration form must be filled out on the official website. The participant will then receives a registration confirmation and a tracking number by email. When the registration is completed, additional informations will be shown along with payment options.
2. In case the registrant opts to pay the registration fee through normal bank transfer, please follow the payment procedures in the registration confirmation e-mail. After the payment is completed by bank transfer or on-line, the registrant will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail.
3. After the registration fee is paid in full and all required documents are received, the registrant will receive a final registration/payment confirmation by e-mail. This final confirmation and the registration confirmation will have to be presented at the registration desk on final registration days.



Major Credit Cards, E-Banking or transfer to:

    Account Name: Chokchai International Co., Ltd.

    Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited Saphanmai Branch

    Current Account number 065-6-01488-1