Farm Chokchai Outdoor Sports & Palio Khao Yai

Date : Friday 29 - Saturday 30 September 2017
Location : Palio Khao Yai, Nakorn Rachasima Thailand
Start - Finish : Palio Khao Yai - Palio Khao Yai
GPS Cootdinate : 14.538127, 101.400130
Event Type : Road Race Bike
Participants : 800 Participants
Event Fee : 900 THB 


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/`pe-lə-,tӓn/ n. The main group of riders in a race. 
Riders in a peloton work together, conserve energy and perform better because of one another.
In a peloton, cyclists co-operate together to conserve energy and strengthen their performance as a result from working as a team.



The result of this co-operation reduces the air resistance slowing down cyclists and therefore lowering energy consumption, allowing a group of cyclists to travel further distances than if one were to cycle alone.

Peloton also means “platoon” or “military divisions” in French.

Cycling together in a peloton greatly helps to relieve fatigue in such strenuous sport. Fatigue, is of course, a decisive factor in the outcome of every race.

Traveling together in one integrated unit, often in a straight line called “pace line” has many kinds of advantages. This particular formation saves around 27% of energy throughout the entire race. While cyclists at the very front experienced high wind resistant, the cyclists following enjoys critical advantages, and then after a period of time, the cyclists at the front can maneuver further back to recover while someone else takes the lead.

However, it is important to study and learn the basic safety guidelines and principles of cycling on the road to ensure protection for all group members.

Background of Peloton of Gentlemen Classic

With great fondness of cycle sports, Chai Bulakul, managing director of Farm Chokchai group, has started The Tour de Farm Tournament in Khao Yai. This tournament has been held annually for over 5 consecutive years. The first TdF, extending over 3 days, offers the greatest experience of friendship, sacrifice, teamwork and a chance to be a true “gentleman cyclist”.

The act of being honorable and virtuous, and what the tournament is really all about.

On the second day of the race, after the first 10km from the starting point, Mr. Bulakul found a racer who had almost withdrawn from the race due to a punctured tire. Instead of racing ahead, he decided to stop and helped his fellow competitor to change the deflating tire.

Despite having temporarily exited the race to help, he rejoined the race with the same determination he had at the starting line, refusing to slow down until he caught up with the leader group.

Just before the finish line, on the last steep incline, he motivated other cyclists and competitors to face the challenge. During the last stretch of the course, all riders leading the race decided to slow down and let Mr. Bulakul cross the finish line first.

From that moment on, Mr. Bulakul truly learnt what it means to be a “Gentleman Cyclist”.

Since that day, the word “Gentleman” has been integrated into the name of the tournament, under the concept of “Fearless Gentlemen” 

An ideal racer that everyone in the tournament should strive to be.

This Concept Strives To:

   •     Strengthen sportsmanship amongst competitors

   •     Encourage discipline and following a gentlemanly code of conduct and social responsibility

   •     Support the Pitak Khao Yai foundation

The Peloton of  Gentlemen Classics therefore, not a tournament created by the Farm Chokchai Outdoors Sports organizers to just celebrate the victors. In fact, it’s purpose is to teach the importance and value of team work.

To succeed in any endurance-based sports, one must first realised the significance of collaboration and unity.

This tournament promotes such collaboration between competitors. The main goal of this tournament is to focus in a healthy competition between racers and to encourage racers to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly code of conduct: being righteous, humane, respectful towards one another as well as the environment and traffic regulations, to care for others around you and to always remain determined and strong no matter what obstacles presents itself along the way.




Pattern of Running the Program

Peloton of Gentleman Classic encourages all women and men to always act courteously towards one another. Many challenges faced on the road, including the heat, rain rocky pathways, as well as an understandably limited number of tournament officials, traffic controller and ambulances will put many racers’ sense of discipline to the test.

Thus each and every rider must take responsibility for themselves and help others as much as possible. The goal for every rider is to enjoy themselves while always remaining safe in all conditions, face all unexpected obstacles with caution while being environmentally conscious and having a great sense of sportsmanship.

   1     To encourage all riders to fully conscious and to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner throughout the entire tournament.

   2     ride through forested and natural areas with great caution and patience.

   3     sacrifice for the team for a period of time to form a successful Peloton.

   4     To donate 100 Baht as the registration fee which will go towards  environmental conservation projects.

   5     To promote tourism within the areas, as wells as local businesses and sponsor partners.

This tournament aims to celebrate those who contributed positively to the community, to those who apply their knowledge and skills with compassions, to those who faced challenges with determinations and many more.

   1     A skilled and contributive rider, who has sacrificed and made efforts to lead the peloton the most, and consistently cares and motivates other around him or her self will be one of the nominees selected to received the “highest honor prize”.

   •     excluding a group of less than 30 people.

   •     judged by photos taken by official at every 10 km of the route, starting at ten kilometers after the starting point

   •     The head marshal will make the final decision.

2. Every rider that passes the finish line will receive the “Dog Tag medal”.

Dog Tag medals are medals given to military personnel for them to remember the services they did for their grateful nation.

In this case the Dog Tag Medal is given to successful riders of his or her Peloton.

Each competitor will also get to sign their names on to the prestigious honor board.

3. A rider who break away to the finish line alone or did not participated in a peloton will be disqualified from the honor awards. (Unless he or she has help leading the peloton for most of the tournament.)

4. All riders must comply to the following rules and regulations.

4.1 All riders must strictly follow the traffic laws without fail.

4.2 The bicycle should be suitable or adaptable to all road conditions.

          4.2.1. There are rough and non-asphalt roads on the course. The riders should also bring extra equipments or spare parts in case of emergency.

4.3 All riders must use hand symbols to warn following riders of approaching obstacles.

4.4 All riders must always be courteous and respectful of one another.

4.5 All riders must have a fully functioning bicycle in a ready condition before joining this event.

4.6 The littering of rubbish of any kind, including water bottles and gel supplement is strictly prohibited. All rubbish must be disposed in rubbish bins.

4.7 Dress up in your coolest outfit, as long as it complies to the safety guidelines. Also, as a symbolic of this event please wear your mustache creatively.

4.8 There will be a “cool mustache” contest in the after party.

5. There will be no timing chip for this event.

This event is appropriate for riders who…

   1.    Are skillful enough to compete in a long-distance event.

   2.    Are skilled in leading, cycling and drafting in groups.

   3.    Have a good sense of sportsmanship and helpful to others.

   4.    Respect tournament rules, traffic laws, and fellow competitors.

   5.    Are not deterred by natural and artificial obstacles.

   6.    Are mindful of the environment.


  1. Palio Khao Yai’s parking lot and Balios Hotel for 300 cars.
  2. Ban Moo See school is about 1 Km from Palio Khao Yai
  3. Wat Moo See, opposite to Ban Moo See school, is about 1 Km from Palio Khao Yai 



Athletes and followers can book Palio Khao Yai at special rate of 40-60% discount.  Phone number 0 4436 5888


More Infomation at

  1. Palio Khao Yai
  1. Balios Khao Yai

Environmental conservation projects

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120 Kilometers




Note : the first of 50 riders that line up ready to release will receive a privilege ride inside around the Palio Shopping Center, an Italian-style mall.



Water point

1. Water service
2. 2 Water points in the route by no delivering but provide on the table. A rider can park a and pick up water by oneself.
  • Point 1 39 Café & Farm Coffee shop at 51 Km
  • Point 2 Suan Toon Jai Café at 85 km


Friday 29th of September 2017

3:00 - 8:00 pm : Registration at parking lot, Palio Khao Yai register point.


Saturday 30th of September 2017

5:00 am - 6:30 am : Registration. Breakfast. Present at the starting point.

6:30  am : Assembly  to explain and emphasizing on the purpose of this race and regulations.

7:00 am : Event release at the starting point of the rear parking lot.  The first 50 cyclists ready in line will receive the privilege to ride through Palio, the Italian style shopping mall.

11:00 am : souvenir giving to every cyclist who enter the finish at the center stage of Piazza Palio.

2:00 pm :  Honor Award ceremony and the Gentlemen Mustache contest.

Register an athlete receives Race Pack

Athletes can register to receive Race Pack at the designated time at the building next to Palio Khao Yai's parking lot by using the following important documents
  • Confirmed email that paid for register
  • ID card or passport of an applicant
  • Receiving instead of others must bring a copy of ID card or an applicant's passport

Release a rider

Release as Gun Start without age separation



 1.   The cyclist that help leading the peloton for most of the tournament will receive the PELOTON HONOR POSTER, which has been signed by all participants to commemorate the championship.

   2    All participants will receive dog tag medal as a souvenir. 




Souvenir point and food service center for athletes at the fountain area of Piazza Palio.

When a rider enter a finish line, has to bring BIB and worn it to receive the symbol of honor and food in an area. BIB reserves the right to only athletes who show it.



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    Account Name: Chokchai International Co., Ltd.

    Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited Saphanmai Branch

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